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The Chartacloud Technologies Group has focused on leading-edge technologies since 2014. We have pioneered application technologies in 'smart paper'/digital pens, digital document management, smart tablet forms data capture and processing, and robots.

CHARTACLOUD ROBOTICS is a provider of cloud-based robotics software and services.


We include among our technology partners

  • Hewlett-Packard 

  • IBM

  • Samsung 

  • Verizon

www.ROBOTTECA.com is our brand for the sale of robots.

Our robot partners include:

  • AMY Robotics

  • Kubi - Revolve Robotics


  • PangolinRobots

  • SoftBank Robotics 

  • ZoraBots


ROBOTTECA.com the leading supplier of software for the NAO robot - a product of SoftBank Robotics.

ChartaCloud Robotics specializes in cloud-based robotics software.

We are the annual host and sponsor of the NAO Robot Global User and Developer Congress.

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