The world can be a complicated place for a robot. While robots are great for doing a lot of things especially, the dull, dirty and dangerous, they many times need the human touch.

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Robots and Humans Working Together for a Better Future.

We Step In When Robots Get Confused.

COGNICEPT SERVICES = Our Robot Pilots are Assigned for Telerobotic Intervention.

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As robots continue to expand in numbers, form factors and use case solutions, the need for a new class of service providers has become essential. It remains the case that robots “in the wild” will encounter unforeseen and/or unanticipated difficulties that will cause them to cease operating and prosecuting their task assignments. The need for human intervention to assess the situation, determine a resolution and re-start the robot becomes a critical element in providing an efficient and comprehensive robot deployment.

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While robots can physically outpace humans in most aspects

they don’t understand much of the fundamentals of the real world.


The mission and the vision of COGNICEPT is to help robots survive in the real world. To do this means that the human-robot connection needs to be integrated into robot deployments.

For end-users, this means making robots as flawless, seamless and as efficient as possible. For robot developers, it means off-loading the task of incident resolution to an organization with a comprehensive data-driven solution that can address the issue of robot performance at scale.


The solution is COGNICEPT.


Three Deployment Options:

Subscription Model.


You host and  staff.

In-house Hosting

Full Service

We provide the  intervention tools and the robot pilots.

We provide intervention tools

and robot pilots.