A Robotics Development Platform Built for the Classroom.

Tethys is designed to make computer science approachable, providing students with an intuitive, user-friendly visual programming tool that helps build their confidence as it builds their skills. Going well beyond the basics, Tethys helps students learn advanced concepts and even sophisticated computer programminglanguages like Python.

Tethys is a visual programming tool, created to teach students computer science, robotics, and coding. Using Pepper as a virtual and physical ambassador for STREAM skills, Tethys engages students and empowers future generations to pursue technical careers needed in an automated future.

Teach Tech with tech.

STREAM - Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, and Math - the future of learning. And with Pepper for education, students can hone their STREAM skills with a fun and accessible partner.

Discover the many options for Tethys and Pepper available for your school today.

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